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Retail traffic counter from Xovis for airports.

Airport Retail

Passengers that wait less, spend more. Xovis passenger counting sensors help streamline the set-up of retail areas.

A pleasant passenger journey should not end at the security checkpoint. As various studies have shown, 10 minutes squandered in a queue at security may entail a plunge in retail revenue of up to 30%. The more smoothly passengers get through security, the stronger their inclination to spend money during the next phase on their way to the gate.

In addition to cutting waiting times and moving passengers faster through airport facilities, Xovis 3D Sensors are establishing as standard for numerous retail solutions and are thus a powerful tool in optimizing people flow within an airport’s concessions area. The Xovis Passenger Tracking (PTS) systems, which combines 3D passenger counting sensors and a software kit, delivers highly precise data in these challenging areas with frequent set-up changes, shifting displays and unpredictable customer behavior.

Typically, footfall per store, dwell times, customer hotspots and waiting times in front of cash registers are the most important indicators for retail areas. Xovis PTS provides these numbers for both small and large areas (Multisensor) in real time, with the following benefits:

  • Retail sections that offer a better customer experience
  • Cash registers with shorter queues and optimized opening hours
  • Increased number of transactions thanks to shorter queues
  • Measured (not estimated) data to improve store settings and product placement
  • Reduction of purchased counter hours


Via the dashboards of Xovis PTS that include count statistics, heat maps and many more visualization options, shop and airport operators always know how many people enter and exit a shop, the location of the most popular zones and how the retail section could be improved.


“The Xovis system has way more functionalities than counting in and out. The full coverage of the retail facilities allows us to determine the exact number of people at any time in any place. It is the data being measured, not estimated and based on assumptions, giving us real-time insights into what is going on in an area.” Martin Weghofer, System Engineer, Vienna International Airport (VIE)