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Xovis provides its Retail partners with a unique partner program.

Partner Program

System integrators with outstanding skills and performance benefit from additional services via the Xovis Partner Program.

The Xovis Partner Program is a sales and marketing program for value-added resellers of Xovis 3D Sensors and software solutions, that possess outstanding technical skills and handle substantial sales volumes.

It is designed to reward our partners ‘commitment to strong, long-lasting collaboration and to serving customers with maximum reliability and efficiency. Together, in-store analytics is taken to a new level. Participants in the Xovis Partner Program benefit from additional uncharged service hours and special rates after the complimentary welcome package has been used.

As a reward for their efforts to advance the use and development of Xovis 3D Sensors and software solutions, Xovis partners also benefit from joint special marketing initiatives, sales tools and technical support.