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3D people counting sensors combined in Xovis Multisensor.


Xovis 3D Sensors can be combined in a Multisensor to provide full area coverage. 

A single people counting sensor is a useful tool to measure footfall and other KPIs within limited areas, such as the entrance of a store. Xovis 3D People Counting Sensors have a unique feature to link up, counting and tracking people within large areas – the Multisensor. Any Xovis 3D Sensor can be configured to act as the ‘master sensor’ with up to eight other sensors acting as ‘slave devices’. They send their data to the master sensor and the 3D person coordinates are digitally stitched together to form a single map. This allows generating people tracks across the whole area covered by multiple sensors.

To enable full area coverage, the extensive Xovis Airports Software Solution can combine an infinite number of Xovis 3D Sensors. For Retail applications Xovis provides an additional processing unit, the Xovis SPIDER, to connect a large number of sensors. The 3D data from all the connected sensors are stitched together to provide a continuous map of the covered area. For more information consult the Product section.