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Find out how to work with Xovis.

How to work with us

Appropriate collaboration models meet the specific needs of our customers in the airport, retail and other industries.

As our goal is to maintain long-lasting partnerships with our customers around the globe, we develop and manufacture all our hardware and software products in-house. A fast-growing number of airports and system integrators count on our Swiss-made solutions for people counting, passenger flow measurement and in-store analytics applications.

With the specific needs of different markets in mind, we have designed appropriate collaboration models for our customers in the airport, retail and other industries. Contact us or see below to find out how to work with us and boost revenues with our broad product portfolio.

How to work with us as an airport

Are you looking for the leading queue and passenger flow measurement system? The Xovis Passenger Tracking System has a proven track record in the airport industry. Major international airports use the Xovis Passenger Tracking System to monitor the fulfilment of Service Level Agreements, optimize passenger experience and increase passenger satisfaction.

With a combination of Xovis 3D Sensors and the Xovis Airport software, the Xovis Passenger Tracking System provides airports with a complete solution to measure crucial KPIs, such as queue lengths, waiting times, process times and passenger throughput. The gathered real-time data enables airports to monitor service levels and optimize both resource and infrastructure planning. Our all-in-one package for airports includes project management and support from the Xovis Airports team, which has successfully completed more than 300 projects. After a detailed site visit, a project typically starts with a trial period. With the purchase order for a permanent installation, Xovis project engineers take charge of the detailed planning, configuration and maintenance of the Xovis Passenger Tracking System at your airport. 

How to work with us as a retail system integrator

Are you a retail analytics provider or system integrator in the security, building management and other industries?

Are you looking for the most accurate people counting and tracking technology that will allow new in-store analytics applications and which can be easily integrated into your software environment?

When it comes to retail traffic counting, full area tracking and other applications, more and more system integrators include 3D people counting and tracking sensor and our latest software modules on the Xovis SPIDER as a central part of their analytics solution for end customers. The ceiling-mounted Xovis 3D sensors stand out with their unmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use. The unique ability to form a Multisensor for large and full area tracking paves the way for new concepts, such as cashier-free stores.

The Xovis Partner Program is a sales and marketing program for those value-added resellers of Xovis products that possess outstanding technical skills and handle substantial sales volumes.