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Xovis partners with VisionArea for Milan Expo 2015

Xovis Person Tracking Technology at Milano

Visionarea is a business solutions provider specialized in people counting systems. For Palazzo Italia, the heart of the Italian pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, they chose the Xovis 3D sensor. The environmental conditions in Palazzo Italia where the people counting solution was operated were demanding and complex. High volumes of people traffic, visitors moving in compact groups, poor light conditions and different types of gates in the various themed rooms were impeding the measurement. The system put in place allowed to manage real-time monitoring of the growing traffic of visitors during the months of the Expo. The trend in the number of recorded visitors showed for each month in August, September and October twice the visitors seen in July. Still, Xovis 3D sensors managed to keep an accurate count of visitors passing every type of door inside the Palazzo Italia building from main entrances to emergency exits. An important part of the traffic monitoring system was the web based reporting specifically designed and developed for the customer. To report on the traffic-based KPI defined for the entire building and for particular sub-areas, Visionarea designed and developed special interactive dashboards with charts and web based infographics.

About Visionarea

Visionarea – is a company specialized in people counting market as solution provider. As a Xovis Certified Partner it operates in industries such as retail – store chains and shopping malls -, museums and buildings. 

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