The broad portfolio of Xovis people counting and tracking sensors accommodates any architectural and design-related requirements.

Ancient market reanimated with 3D technology

Mercato Centrale Firenze counts on Visionarea and Xovis to attract more visitors through a revived shopping experience at a historical site.

As the example from Mercato Centrale Firenze in Italy’s tourist magnet Florence proves, people counting and tracking technology can also help revive an ancient market in a deserted area. Xovis partner Visionarea has selected the Xovis PC2 model as the right sensor to offer a solution that includes:

  • Accurate footfall data in a dense and highly frequented area
  • Dwell time measurement in specific zones
  • A technology that meets architectural restrictions and design requirements


Xovis 3D Sensors not only count and track people movements anonymously but are also remotely accessible and modest in design. The case study explains how people traffic measurement inside and outside the market area works.Learn more about how the data accessed via Visionarea’s cloud solution helps renew the shopping experience at a unique venue. The whole story is available for you in the "Download" section below.