IMAS’ extensive roll-out of Xovis people counting and tracking sensors is an efficient way to collect data evaluate product placement, store layout, and rental pricing.

How to identify hot spots at shopping malls?

The identification of best-selling areas at over 50 shopping malls is one of many ways MEC uses Xovis data via the IMAS’ Xperio platform. 

Rental prices for stores within shopping malls may differ considerably, depending on the attractiveness of the various locations. Among other things, MEC Center Management uses data from Xovis 3D retail counting sensors to compare and evaluate rental prices at more than 50 shopping malls.

Via the Xperio platform of Xovis partner IMAS, the management is able to access the number of people and their dwell time in certain areas in real-time. In addition to accurate shopper counting and tracking, Xovis 3D Sensors also deliver insights regarding the footfall through specific entries, the percentage of adults vs. children and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

As a result, MEC Center Management has a tool at hand to identify hot spots, plan layout changes and much more. Learn more about the many ways MEC Center Management capitalizes on the collaboration between Xovis and IMAS in the "Download" section below.