Copenhagen Airport counts on Xovis.

Optimized check-in at Copenhagen Airport

To keep up with rapidly growing passenger numbers, Copenhagen Airports trust in Xovis to optimize capacity utilization at check-in.

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is a rapidly growing international hub that serves almost 30 million passengers per year. To accommodate the rising passenger demand, CPH had to decide whether to make costly investments/ build new facilities or to optimize the use of existing infrastructure such as check-in desks, passport controls, and security checkpoints.

Measuring crucial KPIs such as the number of people in queues, waiting times, the duration of the check-in process, and the number of processed passengers with the Xovis Passenger Tracking System (PTS), CPH has managed to avoid costly investments.

Learn how CPH benefits from Xovis through an optimized number of open check-in counters, better communication between airport stakeholders and much more. The whole story is available for you in the "Download" section below.


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