Xovis and Vemco guarantee ROI for Danish Retailer.

Return on Investment guaranteed

How Vemco Group A/S and Xovis help to measure success.

Not knowing its numbers is not an option for the leading supermarket chain in Denmark. Through the accurate measurement of customer frequencies and dwell time in specific areas, Vemco Group A/S gained valuable data that enabled the fundamental analysis of a Return on Investment.

About Vemco Group
Vemco Group A/S is an innovative software company with more than 13 years of global retail experience within people counting. With their configurable and user-friendly software solution, Vemcount, they allow you to create reports based on data from any retailer, shopping mall or public institution as well as measure performance, view the location of stores and access data in real-time. With insights about the number of visitors, customer behavior and store performance, they make it easier for you to create effective marketing, operational decisions and understand the related impact.

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