Optimization of retail area at Vienna Airport.

Vienna improves shopping experience at airport

Vienna International Airport measures not only passenger flows, but also counts on Xovis to offer an outstanding airport retail experience.

As a matter of fact, passenger that wait less, spend more. In addition to deploying the combination of Xovis 3D Sensors and software solutions at security, check-in, and passport control, Vienna International Airport (VIE) also uses Xovis to optimize the shopping experience within the airport’s retail area and to increase revenues further.

There are challenging circumstances in airport retail areas such as: 

  • Frequent setup changes
  • Displays and objects are often modified
  • Passengers/ shoppers behavior is hard to predict


The case study on the collaboration of Xovis and VIE explains how the measured footfall and people flow-related data lead to an improved shopping experience. Learn more about the variety of benefits Xovis enables for retail areas at airports. The whole story is available for you in the "Download" section below.