Visitor management during COVID-19

How dimedis and Xovis use technology to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit

At Cologne Zoo, the Visitor Control (ViCo) system – developed by dimedis and powered by Xovis technology – is the latest attraction. It controls admission to multiple wildlife areas and protects the health of visitors and staff. With the help of the newly implemented system, the Cologne Zoo fulfilled the regulatory requirements regarding the maximum number of visitors in certain areas. By utilizing the highly precise data gathered by Xovis 3D sensors, the digital admission control system ViCo completely controls access, automatically and reliably.

About dimedis

dimedis stands for digital media distribution. Founded in Cologne in 1996, the software company develops web-based software solutions. Its main focus is on digital signage, digital wayfinding, and visitor and entrance management for trade fairs and events. These sectors are covered by these main products: kompas digital signage, kompas wayfinding, ViCo and FairMate.


Like most other places open to the public, the Cologne Zoo was faced with the challenge of fulfilling the regulatory requirements regarding the maximum number of visitors allowed in at any point in time. Moreover, it was the zoo‘s clear aspiration to protect the health of their visitors and staff in the best way possible.

Manually counting the number of people entering and exiting the different animal houses and wildlife areas would require additional staff, leading to an increase in operating costs and posing an unnecessary risk to employee safety.


ViCo’s automated control admission system, powered by Xovis technology, solves the problems associated with ensuring physical distancing and manual counting. By providing accurate real-time people counting data, ViCo empowers the Cologne Zoo to seamlessly manage admission. Depending on how many people are already in the building, a traffic light system informs the visitors whether they can enter or whether they must wait.

When the maximum number of visitors has been reached, the traffic light changes from green to red. The zoo’s staff can set the maximum permissible number of visitors via the ViCo service app and are able to manually intervene in the access control system at any time. Further expansion is planned with the installation of Xovis‘ waterproofed outdoor sensors at the Aquarium. Furthermore, all traffic lights will be equipped with loudspeakers to also acoustically keep the visitors up-to-date.

See the system in action at the zoo: www.xovis.com/koelnerzoo

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Cologne Zoo installed the ViCo solution at three of their animal houses and can now fully control admission, automatically and reliably, in a cost-efficient manner. During these strange times, the solution supports the zoo in protecting the health of their visitors and staff.

The Cologne Zoo is entirely convinced that the newly integrated solution will prove its usefulness beyond the current pandemic. It allows the zoo to easily deduce how many visitors are present when and at which locations. This in turn lets visitors know where to go next.



“Beyond protecting the health of visitors and staff during these times, the implemented solution enables us to take targeted measures to better manage people flow and enhance the experiences at our Zoo.“

Michael Wiese
Head of IT and Ticketing at Cologne Zoo