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Welcome to the platform for "Rethinking People Flow." We are an international market leader for intelligent people flow solutions across airports, retail, transportation and smart buildings. Our mindset and experience make Xovis a learning organization and exactly this characteristic lets us do things differently – the Xovis way.


In light of the increase in global population and mobility, people flow around the world needs new ways of thinking. For more than a decade, we've been at the forefront of high-precision technology and are helping clients improve performance and rethink their business. Our sensors and solutions are robust, thought through and set the standards in the industry. We constantly rethink the way we do things and innovate for the better. It is our passion to generate prescriptive and predictive insights on people flow to improve each passenger journey and every customer experience. Our know-how and data-driven approach enable us to go beyond the technical capabilities and serve as a marketplace for best practices and a platform for the people flow community. This progressive network of clients, partners and stakeholders creates an ecosystem that is second to none.







Our Locations
Our Locations


Headquarters, Xovis AG, Industriestrasse 1, 3052 Zollikofen, Switzerland, Phone: +41 32 342 04 70E-Mail