Partnering with Xovis

Collaboration has always been an important part of the Xovis philosophy, and it always will be. In the early days, the three co-founders worked closely together, contributing their individual strengths and skills to develop a successful startup. Today, it’s our tight-knit teams on three continents that make Xovis a global market leader for people flow solutions.

Partnering with Xovis

We offer our customers exceptional service by listening and responding to their needs as a trusted provider. And we develop exciting new products by working with our markets and anticipating future requirements.

We believe in good corporate citizenship and governance. For Xovis, that includes a commitment to data privacy across our solution portfolio. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical, quality and environmental standards.

Our corporate policy encompasses:



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The Xovis Partner Program is a sales and marketing program for value-added resellers of Xovis 3D sensors and software solutions. It is designed to reward our partners’ commitment to strong, long-lasting collaboration and to serving customers with maximum reliability and efficiency.

Xovis Partner Program


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Our solutions for people counting and people flow monitoring pave the way to smoother people movement through facilities, streamlined processes and increased customer satisfaction.

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