Partnering with Xovis

We are only as strong as the bridges we build. Welcome to the partner program at Xovis, where our history of collaboration strengthens the future of people flow systems. The wide range of Xovis sensors, services and solutions allow you to unlock the full potential of the Xovis palette – to your benefit and that of your clients.  

Xovis is the platform for rethinking people flow and we offer different ways for our partners to use and be successful with our technology. In the airport and transportation industries, we provide turnkey and tailored solutions to airport operators, transportation authorities and rolling-stock OEMs. In the retail and smart building industries, our partner program enables channel partners to develop and distribute specific solutions. 

The Xovis partner program

The Xovis partner program offers exclusive service rates, volume-based pricing schemes, seminars, training courses, joint sales promotion, special offers and technical support.  

Our partner program is aimed at long-term collaboration with sales and marketing support for the following partner types: 

Analytics partners

Analytics partners are solution providers with expertise in software development who can provide end customers with specific solutions for people flow and data analytics applications. These partners incorporate Xovis technology in order to add people flow data to their analytics software. Above all, Xovis analytics partners provide software solutions for specific use cases in retail, smart buildings and smart city applications.  


OEM & system partners

OEM partners provide end customers with their own system, their own technology or their own product. These partners incorporate Xovis technology in order to enhance their product by utilizing people flow data. OEM & system partners not only include manufacturers of digital signage, access management, safety systems and building automation systems, but also manufacturers of lighting and modes of transport.  


Value-added resellers

These partners offer their customers a wide portfolio of technologies and services, adding value through project planning, installation and long-term support. VAR partners have vertical expertise and end-customer relationships which is why our easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions are a great addition to their portfolio. Our partners include system integrators, digital store architects, shopfitters and ICT and security installers. 

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Don't see yourself above? Please see below! 

If you're looking to find the perfect partner to fulfill your people flow measurement and management requirements, Xovis is happy to consult and refer one of over 250 global certified partners to match your needs. 

If you are coming from the mobility industry, let's say airports or public transportation, Xovis provides turnkey solutions tailored to your unique needs, including service delivery and support.  

Last but not least, if you are a potential user of Xovis technology but are not sure where you fit in and you have questions about our sensors and solutions, please feel free to reach out. 

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