Xovis After Sales Service

More than 80 airports all over the world rely on the Xovis Passenger Tracking System (PTS) to manage and streamline their passenger flows. Our customer journey does not end with a signature on the dotted line, nor with the installation of sensors and the software configuration.

After sales service

Our After Sales Service makes sure that our customers can leverage their installation to address their short-term challenges. At the same time, we keep our focus on long-term market needs. The following four principles form the basis of our After Sales Service.

Customized support

Whether our customers need a 24/7 carefree package or simply quick access to our online knowledge base and support portal, we provide resources that are tailored to each of our customer's needs and their level of utilization. Do you need an extra training session for a new colleague in your team? Assistance in evaluating Xovis data? Or has the layout of your queue changed and now needs a minor reconfiguration? As part of our preventive maintenance process, a system health check is conducted on a regular basis.

Our engineers go above and beyond to provide you with pragmatic and swift support. We can ensure a quick turnaround of your support queries, wherever you are based – thanks to our headquarters in Switzerland plus offices in both Boston and Shanghai.

Complimentary software upgrades and features

Our team of dedicated researchers and developers keeps working hard each day to anticipate the latest market trends and customer needs. Besides continuous improvement of our software and firmware, we also provide our customers with features that help master new challenges. This allows us to keep the system in line with market requirements, including unexpected ones such as COVID-19. With the recent release of our Physical Distancing features, we provided our customers with a meaningful solution for their operations during a global pandemic.

Learning from each other

Each one of our 80-plus airports is unique and so are the operational challenges and pain points that could be solved thanks to Xovis PTS. As knowledge is one of the few goods that multiplies itself when shared, we strive to share: Xovis facilitates platforms that exchange this knowledge within the Xovis community. On an annual basis, we co-host a Xovis Summit with one of our customers. Representatives from many of our airports come together to see how our solution is being used at other airports, to learn from each other and to get first-hand information from our Product Management team. Plus, we are planning to launch a Xovis Client Forum, where Xovis clients can interact with their peers from other airports throughout the year.


After Sales Service

If you are interested in becoming part of the Xovis community, feel free to reach out anytime. Our Customer Success Team is happy to elaborate on a solution tailored just for you. Optimize passenger flow at your airport now and join the Xovis journey.

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