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Find out how you can use your space to its full potential. Our solutions for precise people counting and analyzing people flows pave the way for improved processes, increased customer satisfaction, and added security and profitability in over-the-counter retail and public facilities. With around 200,000 sensors already in the field, we are the market and technology leader in advanced people counting systems


Companies strive to optimize the customer experience, utilization of space, and accompanying processes, including staffing, to drive revenues. The efficiency of retail areas depends on whether the people counting systems provide reliable, real-time data on physical movement patterns. Ours do and provide insights tailored for you, so you can draw the correct conclusions and implement effective measures. The satisfaction of your customers is the foundation for your success.

More than just people counting

Our real-time people counting technology is tailored for use in retail and smart buildings and paves the way for streamlined spaces, efficient processes, good communication and increased customer satisfaction. The 3D sensors from Xovis are characterized by their anonymity, simple integration, optimal precision and AI-based features. The PC series from Xovis is the most innovative portfolio of 3D sensors available on the market:


  • Privacy & security – The 3D sensors are equipped with artificial intelligence and process data directly on the device (edge computing) – allowing people to be counted in line with data protection guidelines. The sensors transmit the people coordinates as distinct dots only.
  • Accuracy – Despite large crowds of people, outdoor applications, changing lighting conditions or high ceilings, you still have the highest accuracy with our sensors.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) – In addition to people counting, the latest deep-learning methods allow for statistics to be collected on view directions, group behavior, gender distribution or the wearing of face masks – all in real time.
  • Multisensor technology – Our unique multisensor technology allows for very large areas to be covered. Optimizing queues or assessing in-store movement patterns requires the complete, uninterrupted overview.
  • Easy to use – As data is processed on the sensor, no additional hardware is required. The sensor is easy to install and is constantly updated with new features, meaning the investment pays off in the long term.



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Partner program

Xovis works together with over 260 partners around the world to take on the challenges seen in retail optimization. Our partners offer tailored solutions for all areas of application. A wide range of Xovis sensors and services support our partners in reaching their full potential for the benefit of both themselves and the benefit of their customers.

Partner program


Retail Solutions

Retail solutions

Our technology paves the way for increased customer satisfaction, added sales and reduced costs. Take a look at our portfolio for retail and smart buildings in the age of IoT.

Our retail solutions


Retail case studies

Our case studies on retail projects illustrate how supermarkets such as Aldi, cellphone providers such as O2 or fashion labels like Mykita use Xovis technology profitably in their stores.

Our retail case studies


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