Cloud-based offers for better business – HUB & FLOW

Xovis is happy to announce the launch of HUB & FLOW. Our innovative cloud-based offers provide a partner platform (HUB) and a software service (FLOW) that is easy to use. Our cloud-based partner platform HUB provides partners with all the necessary tools to manage Xovis technology. Furthermore, our intuitive software service FLOW helps partners implement an easy-to-use solution and their customers to optimize their space; think excellent service during peak hours, efficient space utilization and COVID-19 compliance made easy. The data provided by FLOW helps users make more informed business decisions that ultimately increase long-term success.


HUB - the seamless one-stop shop for partners to enter the world of Xovis

Partners can now simplify managing the use of Xovis technology from one single place, Xovis HUB. From marketing to planning, ordering to sensor installation, and all the way through to maintenance, you can access and orchestrate your Xovis system more easily, allowing you to focus on your success.

This seamless, cloud-based platform provides you with an entry into the world of Xovis, making new tools available to help maximize your value proposition. 

With HUB, it’s easier to choose the most suitable sensor, plan your system and collaborate on installations with other partners. New tools like our planning and mounting wizard help you roll out projects seamlessly and in no time.  You will even be able to place orders for more products, sensors, and accessories – all from one place. And with a bird's eye view.



Xovis HUB creates a more accessible way for you to access and use your Xovis system in the best possible way. The HUB will be available to selected partners soon. For a demo and access to our beta phase, please contact us at the bottom of the page.



FLOW - the integrated cloud solution that puts people flow at your fingertips

Introducing an intuitive software service from Xovis that provides an integrated solution for viewing people flow in real time. The cloud-based dashboard called FLOW gathers visitor data from Xovis sensors with options to expand analytics based on three modules. You can now implement software that’s easy to use with state-of-the-art Xovis hardware. The data provided by FLOW will help users make more informed business decisions that ultimately increase long-term success. Join us in rethinking people flow.



See how spaces are utilized, gather gender statistics, and understand people flow with Visitor Essentials – FLOW’s starter dashboard. Integrate POS data to gain insights into visitor conversion with Store Professional or get metrics around real-time visitor counts with Live Occupancy. Both options can be added to the starter dashboard according to user's needs. 

All of the above makes FLOW a seamless people flow solution for retail, airports, and smart buildings. Partners can now implement a software service that’s easy to use with state-of-the-art Xovis hardware.



Visitor Essentials 

Visitor Essentials is the starter dashboard included with FLOW. This easily accessible dashboard allows users to independently measure basic footfall, gathering all the essential metrics businesses need to better understand visitor and gender statistics throughout the space.

Store Professional

Store Professional is an optional add-on to the cloud-based FLOW solution from Xovis, which enhances the dashboard with more metrics. POS data can be implemented to track conversion rates and average transaction value across multiple stores, allowing users to make measurable improvements and increase performance.

Live Occupancy

Live Occupancy is another add-on to the cloud-based FLOW solution from Xovis, which monitors the number of people in monitored locations in real-time. Sensor-covered entries and exits and a distinctive display for each store or building can be set so users can navigate the people flow, visualize & determine capacities, utilization, staffing and more.

Xovis FLOW is distributed and implemented via certified integration partners only and available now. If you want to know more about Flow, please contact us at the bottom of the page.



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