A partner program with a bright future

The wide range of Xovis sensors and services allow our partners to use the Xovis systems to their full potential for the benefit of both themselves and the customer. The Xovis partner program offers exclusive service rates, seminars and training courses, joint sales promotion, special offers and technical support.

In sales, Xovis relies on forward-looking, close partnerships. Our partner program is aimed at long-term collaboration with sales and marketing support for the following partner types:

Analytics partners

Partners with expertise in software development who can provide end customers with specific solutions for people flows and data analytics applications. These partners incorporate Xovis technology in order to add people flow data to their analysis software. Above all, Xovis analytics partners provide software solutions for retail, smart buildings and smart city applications. 

OEM & system partners

Partners who provide end customers with their own system, their own technology or their own product. These partners incorporate Xovis technology in order to enhance their product by utilizing people flow data. OEM & system partners not only include manufacturers of digital signage, access management, safety systems and building automation systems, but also manufacturers of lighting and modes of transport. 

Integration partners

Partners who offer their customers a wide portfolio of technologies and services. These partners have expertise in installation and planning, plus a business relationship with the end customer. Xovis technology supplements their portfolio perfectly. Integration partners include store fitters, system integrators, and ICT and security installers.

The Xovis team is looking forward to some lively exchanges with partners and integrators, and would be happy to advise you further.

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