Face Mask Detection - Made Easy with Xovis 3D Sensors

Our 3D sensors recognize if a person is wearing a face mask and can report that information to you in a timely manner, making it easier to comply with COVID-19 requirements.  Xovis people counting technology is just the beginning: our AI-powered sensors can do so much more – let's face it.

Face Mask Detection

COVID-19 has made face masks compulsory in many public places; Xovis has responded by developing this new AI feature that recognizes whether or not face masks are in fact being worn. Our Face Mask Detection software plugin can help you keep track of what is happening on the shop floor in real time. You can benefit from all existing functions and add value simply by installing the Face Mask Detection plugin on your Xovis sensors. Get to know our sensors up close and personal.

With Face Mask Detection, our sensors not only count all people but also recognize whether a person is wearing a face mask or not. The data from the sensor provides the info for an instant alert function, or further analytics processing, as you see fit. Best of all, everything is computed on the sensor itself – no extra materials necessary.

Here at Xovis, with more than a dozen years of research and passion dedicated to people flow technology based on 3D stereovision sensors, we are committed to bringing the best products and services to customers and partners alike. With the rise of AI technology, we have made sure our machines are the best students. That is why our AI firmware has been successful in distinguishing individuals based on parameters set down by us for some time. Face Mask Detection is simply another step in the right direction; making sure that we are serving your needs as they arise.

Because people count.



Face Mask Detection

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