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The Xovis 3D Stereo Vision Person Tracking Sensor Series comprises two sensor types: the People Counting Sensor 2 (PC2) and the People Counting Sensor 3 (PC3). For every sensor, the mounting height lies between 2.2 m up to 20 m. To optimize the area coverage the sensors are availabe with various different lens options; the PC 2 Series comes with three options while the PC 3 Series are featured with even five lens choices. Starting at an installation height around 6.5 m, a constant coverage of 100 square meters is granted.The Xovis PC 3D stereo vision sensor integrates a powerful and specialized processing engine, implemented in FPGA technology, that makes it possible to perform all video analytics (full-image individual passenger tracking) on the sensor itself. Since the whole processing is performed on the sensor, no video streaming is necessary, and data privacy is guaranteed. Compared to normal video technologies, the 3D technology is much more robust.


Xovis People Counting Sensor 2, called PC 2.

PC2 3D sensor with eye distance of 10 cm

PC3 3D sensor with eye distance of 30 cm

Features of the Xovis 3D Technology

Data streams sent out by the sensor are so-called “Dot Streams”, meaning a constant stream of moving dots, in which the dots represent moving coordinates for every single passenger.

Live View

All tracked persons are visualized as moving dots on a still background image in real-time. The actual situation can be supervised. All applications, such as People Counting and Waiting Time Measurements are based on this tracked data.


All tracked data can be recorded and stored in the database, and the “Dot Stream” view can be replayed later for in-depth analysis of critical Passenger Flow Situations.


To increase visibility range of a single sensor, Xovis developed the Multisensor Technology: several sensors with overlapping viewing ranges are combined to cover larger areas. In the total area, an overall person tracking is performed.

Xovis multisensor sytem.

Mounting Options

Click on cover white, for the People Counting Sensor 2.

Standard Housing

  • Description: white or anthracite click-on cover
  • Mounting options: surface-mounted with back exit, surface-mounted, free-floating
  • Dimensions: 130 mm x 94 mm x 30 mm (LxWxH)
People Counting Sensor 2 flush mounting kit.

Surface Mounted Housing Kit

  • Description: ceiling mounting box for sensor body, white or anthracite cover
  • Mounting options: flush-mounted
  • Dimensions: 160mm (diameter), 10mm visible height of mounted cover
People Counting Sensor 2, outdoor housing.

Outdoor Housing

  • Description: water and dust protection under the standard IP65, operation temperatures between -20 and +50 degrees Celsius
  • Mounting options: flush-mounted
  • Dimensions: 168mm (diameter)
People Counting Sensor 2, pivot mount kit.

Pivot Mount Angle Kit

  • Description: Drop pole pivot mount
  • Mounting options: Mounting plate with 3 screws / M10 thread