Xovis XS Software Suite

The all-in-one Software

The XS Suite is a Windows server-client software, which receives the data streams (no video, just moving coordinates for every single passenger) from all sensors. Calculated on these streams are KPIs, including Waiting Times, Process Times and People Counting. Thresholds and Service Levels can be set and monitored. Provided alarming functions help to get notified.    

Capabilities of the XS Suite

The Xovis XS Software Suite supports a PDCA (Plan–Do–Check–Adjust) like cycle for the continuous monitoring and improvement of Passenger Flows and Processes:


all KPIs, all over the airport, 24/7, with the highest accuracy and stable sample rates of up to 98%.




the number of arriving passengers and waiting times, as well as recommendations regarding number of lines and desks to open in order to meet with certain Service Level Agreements.




Passenger Flow and resources before long queues occur, be one step ahead.




overall airport performance, increasing passenger experience and lowering operations costs.



Xovis Server

The XS Server receives the data streams (no video, just moving coordinates for every single passenger) from all sensors. Databases can be used for configuration data, measurement data and streaming data. The server software has a base layer that features sensor and multi-sensor management, configuration as well as visualization and outputs the tracking data. On top of the base layer, different application modules can perform the required algorithms to calculate waiting times and similar features based on the tracking data.  The reporting functionality of the XS Server is based on Excel templates, which can automatically be refreshed and sent to email recipients.

Xovis Clients

The XS Suite contains the following Clients:



Management of all sensors, including parameter adjustment, multi-sensor stitching and firmware updates.

XS Configuration Client

This Client displays dashboards for monitoring KPIs, live views, heatmaps, dwellmaps and so on. The following screenshot shows KPI indicators: 90% quantile of waiting daily time, fill level, actual waiting time, forward-looking waiting time.

XS View Client

Capabilities of the View Client in any web browser.

XS Web Client

Shows dashboards and alarms on iOS and Android mobile devices, first versions available in 2016.

XS Mobile Apps

Forecast of waiting times (for the next 30 minutes) as well as passenger volumes and optimized asset opening patterns over the next 24 hours. Works for all areas that are equipped with Xovis sensors, available in 2016.

XS Forecast