Screenshot of customer branded Xovis solution


Xovis Customization delivers Retail partners with individualized and pre-configured solutions for increased brand exposure.


Through Xovis Individualization, Xovis customers can have their company logo, a favicon and a customized site title incorporated in the WebGUI of their Xovis 3D Sensors. At the heart of Xovis Individua­lization is a xcb-file with all the customized de­fault settings.

Xovis’  experts create the xcb-file based on instructions submitted via the dedicated webform. Customers can upload the xcb-file to the installed sensors or the Xovis team will do it as part of the Pre-configuration Service.

Pre-configuration Service

If customers wish their Xovis 3D Sensors to arrive with site-specific preconfigured settings (IP address, sensor height, etc.), the Xovis Pre-configuration Service is the right choice.

After placing an order, customers will receive a form with which to provide the required information. The Xovis Retail team will then apply the settings to the sensors accordingly.

The Pre-configuration Service is an efficient method of simplifying the delivery process of large roll-outs and expediting the integration of Xovis 3D Sensors into an operational system.