PCT1 - Passenger Counting Sensor for Transportation

PCT1 - Passenger Counting Sensor for Transportation

From now on, the PCT1 makes sure that public transportation can also profit from the precision of Xovis people counting technology. Timetable design based on random sampling or analog estimates is a thing of the past: PCT1 is here to help build a digital future.

PCT1 delivers reliable passenger numbers in no time

We have adapted our 3D sensor for the public transport sector so that you can have the passenger data you need to create efficient timetables and pristine transit concepts. 3D sensors bring you closer to the future of excellent public transportation services.

We have adapted our tried-and-true 3D technology for people counting and people flow measurements specifically with the public transport sector in mind. All of is packed into the sensor we call PCT1. Thanks to its robust industrial design, this sensor is built to meet all requirements necessary for use in vehicles. But it doesn't stop there: the PCT1 has an extended detection algorithm at its disposal, which allows for accurate passenger detection even in challenging environments like crowded door areas. This is possible even if you have a limited ceiling height because the sensor still has a wide field of view. 

When a train jostles over the tracks or people pile onto a bus to get out of the rain, the PCT1 does not blink. PCT1 has been built to withstand disturbances, mechanical and meteorological, and thus can weather the extremes that buses, trams and trains contend with daily. Our transportation sensor remains steadfast and digitally delivers your actual passenger counts.

Your challenges – our solution with PCT1

You want a precise passenger counting system for your public transport vehicles. It doesn't matter how wide or high your doors are or how quickly passenger volume changes: you need accurate numbers!  Xovis PCT1 can get you those numbers:

  • in transit vehicles that also have wide doors and low ceilings
  • during busy, jam-packed rush hours
  • regardless of fluctuating temperatures or changes in light; rain or shine
  • despite vibrations or vehicle jostling
  • due to its robust industrial design
  • because of its open IT architecture, i.e. adoption of open protocols
  • based on years of experience and expertise in people flow measurements


Technical data at a glance

PCT1 gives you the digital data that you need for accurate passenger flow analysis. You can find further specifications of PCT1 in the technical data sheet below:

Xovis Transportation Announcement
Xovis Transportation Announcement
PCT1 - Passenger Counting Sensor for Transportation
PCT1 - Passenger Counting Sensor for Transportation