Screenshot of the view of a Xovis 3D people counting sensor.

People counts, dwell time & fill level trigger

To understand customer behavior in brick-and-mortar stores an accurate technology is key.

The key to understanding customer behavior in brick-and-mortar stores is an accurate technology for people counting and tracking in Retail businesses. Xovis 3D Sensors’ firmware enables the use of counting lines and analytic zones in Retail businesses and fill levels within different parts of the store, in order to count how many people enter a store and measure how much time they spend in specific zones. In addition to highlighting the hot and cold spots of a store, data related to dwell time and fill level is a useful tool in staff planning and the optimization of other operational processes such as product placement.

Counting lines are multipoint lines that count people in both directions and which can be adapted to any situation. Each Xovis 3D Sensor allows up to 99 independent counting lines and can simultaneously monitor forward and backward crossings. Additional logic can be applied to a counting line to address special use cases. Adults and children can be counted individually.

The basic functionality of the Xovis 3D Sensor includes zone occupancy, which shows the current number of people and their dwell time in a specific zone. Zones can be defined as (de-)activation zones in which a dedicated counting performs a logical function. Up to 99 zones can be configured and monitored simultaneously on a single Xovis sensor.