Image of on-site plans for planning and surveys.

Planning & on-site surveys

Xovis supports system integrators in the installation process, based on plans or via an on-site survey.


Based on information, plans and images shared by our system integrators, Xovis experts provide a first planning draft for the installation. Taking into consideration ceiling height and other architectural factors, this typically includes the recommended number of Xovis 3D Sensors, the most suitable Xovis sensors model and installation recommendations.

Large area counting and tracking applications require a technology with the ability to connect a large number of sensors, in order to measure people flow-related KPIs throughout the facilities. Our team of experts is available for various planning and on-site support activities.

On-site survey

For projects that require an on-site inspection, customers can count on the extensive experience of the Xovis team. Through images and measurements, our experts plan the entire site, sensor by sensor. They provide the system integrator with a final planning documentation that includes the positions of all sensors and detailed installation recommendations.