Screenshot of customer branded Xovis application.

Xovis Cloud & Device Control

The Xovis Cloud offers comprehensive user/group and rights management for remote sensor management.

The Xovis Device Control is a comfortable way to remotely manage and control the Xovis 3D Sensors. It can be installed on a server at the customer’s premises or used as a hosted service via the Xovis Cloud. Of course, all standard features of the Xovis Device Control are available in the Xovis Cloud, including a full-feature API for easy integration into third-party applications.

Partners that opt for the Xovis Cloud solution not only save set-up and maintenance costs, but also always work on the latest Xovis Device Control version with all its advantages.

The Xovis Cloud features a comprehensive user/group and rights management, which is available only through the dedicated licensing model. This enables multitenant applications for sensor management. System integrators can provide their customers with individual access to a single device or a group of managed sensors. They have also the option of incorporating their logo into their instance of the Xovis Cloud.