Numerous Xovis 3D people counting sensor connected form a Multisensor for lager coverage.

Large area coverage

Large area tracking becomes a reality with the unique Xovis Multisensor. 

Featuring direct image processing, the Xovis 3D Sensor’s ’s firmware empowers customers to perform large area people counting and tracking with the Xovis Multisensor.

The unique potential of the Xovis 3D Sensors stems from their ability to link up and cover a large area as part of a Xovis Multisensor, which can combine up to nine sensors. The individual sensor images are digitally stitched together, resulting in a continuous image of the tracked area to be analyzed. This allows for people tracks to be generated across the whole area, empowering retailers to track customers throughout a large area.

For an extended coverage: AI-powered Xovis 3D Sensors enable full area tracking and open the door to future dimensions of in-store analytics and cashier-free systems. For more information consult the Product page.