Queue measurement at an Airport Security area with the Xovis Multisensor.

Queue Detection

Based on its long track record in the airport industry, Xovis has also developed automated queue detection for other industries. 

The most sophisticated marketing campaign that pulls hundreds of customers into a store is worthless if long queues ruin the customer experience. The same is true for brand new airports if passengers have to queue in front of overcrowded security checkpoints.

Xovis has a long track record in helping airports to reduce passenger waiting times. The automated queue detection of the Xovis technology is an algorithm that detects queues based on approaching patterns and excludes passers-by and meeters and greeters from waiting time calculations. Read more about this unique feature in the Case Studies section.

Through its vast experience in the airport industry, Xovis has created equivalent algorithms for retail applications. Based on probability metrics, the algorithm can distinguish which people are lining up for which queue and are capable of dynamically tracking the changing shapes of undefined queues. As a result, KPIs such as average and projected waiting time, the current number of people in the queue and the number leaving the line are available for further analysis and to trigger further action. This allows smart staff deployment to serve the queuing customers.