Composing of the different levels of privacy protection settings.

Guaranteed data privacy

Tracking people for optimization purposes can significantly improve the customer experience, but data privacy must be observed. 

Today, we are all increasingly concerned about disclosure of their identity being revealed to technical systems without their control or consent. We at Xovis are committed to ensuring that customers are able to gather accurate people counting and tracking-related data in compliance with local data privacy laws and regulations.

Configuration of the Xovis 3D Sensors offers four levels of privacy protection. Due to the embedded processing, no video stream leaves the sensor; only metadata is sent out. The sophisticated data privacy concept ensures that Xovis products can be deployed in places where very strict data protection regulations apply.

With the appropriate privacy level switched on, Xovis customers can capitalize on the extensive Xovis dataset to perform analyses. They can reduce waiting times, optimize the use of resources and much more in a data protection-compliant way.