Screenshot of a dashboard with real-time data of the Xovis 3D people counting solution.

Real-time data

The real-time people counting data from Xovis’ products enables immediate action. 

Customer movement data is like news – the more recent, the better. The significant advantage of machine-based people counting and people flow measurement compared with manual observation is time. Xovis customers see the targeted KPIs as the measurement occurs, which makes delayed and inaccurate manual analysis obsolete and enables immediate action, such as the opening of additional counters and the deployment of more staff.

Other features of the Xovis 3D Sensors reveal the full potential of real-time data: the data push function is an efficient tool with which to send out pre-processed, consolidated information packages for fast use in analytics software. The firmware of every Xovis 3D Sensor also includes visualization options, such as heatmaps of movement paths in a particular area. See the Products section for further details.