Visualization of Xovis data integrated into an external software environment.

Set-up & integration

Xovis products are plug-and-play solutions that can be easily integrated into existing software environments. 

Xovis goes the extra mile to optimize the customer user experience. The intuitive WebGUI of all Xovis Sensors has a built-in wizard that guides system integrators in the retail and other industries through the quick and straightforward initial set-up and configuration. The well-organized and state-of-the-art WebGUI also allows a smooth performance of any configuration and validation activity.

Xovis Sensor Explorer

Thanks to the simple XML-based REST API, the sensor can be swiftly integrated into an existing software environment. Xovis Data Push allows the automated, periodical transmission of the gathered data from the sensor to HTTP(S) and SFTP endpoints.

When on site, system integrators can access the WebGUI of all Xovis 3D Sensors within an installation via the Xovis Sensor Explorer. The downloadable software tool is conveniently displays useful information such as name, device type, firmware version and operating status of all Xovis 3D Sensors within a specified IP range.

Xovis Device Control

Xovis Device Control is the perfect software module for remote sensor management. It enables system integrators to assign deployed Xovis 3D Sensors to specific categories, manage permissions for all users and integrate this remote sensor management solution into an existing software environment. See Retail Services for more information.

If the data gathered has to be verified, the Xovis Validation Viewer is the right tool. The sensor’s WebGUI features an option to record live-view samples, which are fed into the Xovis Validation Viewer to compare the recorded image frames with the measured data. Several viewing options are available to streamline the validation process.