IMAS rolls out Xovis 3D Sensors at 23 B.O.C. stores in Germany.

Accurate footfall counting at bike company

Xovis partner IMAS helps the Bike & Outdoor Company optimize customer service based on real-time people counting. 

Supported by experienced Xovis partner IMAS, the Bike & Outdoor Company (B.O.C.) aims to improve customer service at its 23 brick-and-mortar stores in Germany. High precision footfall counting is key to achieving this goal.

B.O.C. has opted for the deployment of Xovis 3D people counting and tracking sensors due to IMAS’ track record of successful retail analytics projects, analyzing and visualizing the data from Xovis. IMAS provides B.O.C with KPIs that serve as a basis to smooth various processes that affect customer service quality and ultimately customer satisfaction.

The case study illustrates how the collaboration of IMAS and Xovis helps B.O.C. attract customers to its 23 stores even though products are also available online. Find out how footfall counting speeds up the sales of bikes and download the full case study from the "Download" section.