Christian Studer CPO and Co-founder of Xovis.

AI revolution: three new features at XOVISPHERE


Christian Studer, CPO at Xovis on what to expect after the NRF.

The NRF 2019 is over. Is there an afterlife?

Of course, after the NRF is before the EuroCIS! Following a successful debut in the US, the XOVISPHERE finally comes to Europe. Xovis is proud to present three new AI-powered features that will propel the insight in your counting data way forward.

Why is Xovis looking into new kinds of count data?

At Xovis, we strive to deliver way more than people counting. Our PC-Series sensors can already pride themselves with the highest accuracy in the industry. Our customers are used to that. Now, the market is asking for more detail within the counting data. Today’s retailers no longer just ask ‘how many people?’ but rather ‘which people?’. They want way more truth and reality in KPIs and distinguish basic target groups.

How does that work in the field?

Last summer, we introduced a new generation of AI-based firmware on our PC2R and new PC2S sensors. Using artificial intelligence helped to perfect our people detection accuracy. However, there is way more potential in that technology. Our latest features draw from the enhanced capabilities of a learning system. It allows our embedded system to distinguish characteristics of the people counted reliably. Be it a tag marking staff, people moving in a union or deciding whether it’s a man or a woman – our AI enriches the counts with more information.

What use cases emerge from these novelties?

Retailers can refine the people counting data they gather with Xovis PC-Series sensors. The Staff Exclusion plugin aims to provide way more truth in the customer counts by excluding staff from the counts on the sales area. KPIs like conversion rates get more realistic using our Group Counting feature counting ‘buying units’ instead of individual visitors. The Gender Statistics function enables our customers to divide their customer base into male and female target groups.

What is the strategic incentive for Xovis to follow that path?

Our PC-Series sensors are about to deliver way more than people counting. That lays the bricks for our path towards intelligent in-store analytics. It was good to become the best in accurately counting people. Now we aim for way more detail and insight from the data we provide.

What does that change at Xovis?

We keep providing the best accuracy in people counting data. What we improve are the additional dimensions along which we want to excel. Our data output gains in depth adding characteristics to the number of the counts. What is changing is the value of our enriched data. Our business model stays the same. We empower our partners by supplying them with the best people counting solutions.

Why should the retail industry follow yet another trend?

It’s not just the retail industry — any business intelligence for whatever market is getting more and more obsessed with higher insight from their data. Collecting data effectively and in large quantities has become second nature. But making sense of it is where most systems struggle. Thus, understanding the differences within the data is getting a priority. In this way, we are just delivering what the industry is looking for anyway


Visit the XOVISPHERE from February 19 - 21 at EuroCIS in Duesseldorf, booth B2610.