Crowd (customer and staff) management

Crowd (customer and staff) management


Xovis highlights the use of digital tools in managing customer and staff to prepare for restarted operations post-pandemic.

As a result of the global pandemic, the concept of physical distancing has become the new “normal”. Once the confidence to travel picks up its momentum, how will airports around the world prioritize their business objectives to provide a peace of mind to their guests and staff through the new passenger processing experience?   

Enabling Xovis 3D optical sensor technology across all key touch points at airports can aid foresight in the trialing of scenarios and the avoidance of potentially dangerous re-design decisions.


Establish a new baseline for your future operations:



Crowd Management
Crowd Management

The new normal will see an adjustment in the current operational mode to provide a safe, secure, and supported environment for the passengers in an efficient manner. 

The world has seen the importance of airport industries to the global economy. Leveraging new technology may be the key to kick start the post-pandemic process with the aim to strike a balance of safe travel experience for passengers and staff, and reviving the economy.


Travelers vs Staff 


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Queuing at security remains the bottleneck to every airport around the world. Xovis passenger tracking solution (PTS) enables 98% real-time sample rates (people detected and continuously tracked in the covered area). This will ensure a single trusted source of the mass airport data, setting the stage for a safe and secure travel environment. Technology can help facilitate new health regulations such as physical distancing between customers and identification of cluster groups while protecting the airport staff. This will help in maintaining an efficient and seamless process.

Xovis PTS generates auto-alerts should these new health regulations be penetrated in a queuing area, e.g., a gentle reminder could be delivered through the airport public address system sparring staff intervention.  These mobile resources can be freed up to effectively tackle other new challenges involving the new normal.


Flexibility is key in meeting new significant challenges


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Xovis’ dynamic automatic queue detection capability empowers airport operators to focus on re-designing new efficient processes. For instance, through a trial and error method without further calibration of the system, airport operators could determine what type of queue shape/method works best for their airports given the regulatory requirements and ultimately create the best practice for post-pandemic operational and cost efficiency.