FLUX2020 - the online Airport Summit


The month of October kicked off with a bang; we introduced FLUX, from Latin fluxus, meaning ‘flowing’, the new annual Xovis Airports Summit to bring together all of our customers to collaborate and discuss all things people flow. Traditionally, we typically host our annual summit at a customer airport – in the past we’ve hosted in some amazing locations such as Dallas, Seattle, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, and Vienna. However, with the world looking a little bit different this year, we wanted to ensure that all our customers kept safe and could access the presentations from the comfort of their own home.


The summit was held virtually over 3 days, commencing on September 30 and ending on October 2. We carefully crafted an incredible lineup of presenters from airports like BNE, MSP, CPH, and DFW, who discussed a range of topics from level of service performance monitoring to innovations in the aviation Industry, and even the secret of success for a smooth relationship with border patrol.  


Brian D. Ryks

One of our keynote speakers. Brian D. Ryks, Executive Director and CEO of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, discussed how COVID-19 has impacted the travel industry and  what the path to recovery will continue to look like, health initiatives, and how to monitor and adapt for the future. You can watch a recording of his presentation.

Presentation from Brian D. Ryks



Richard Larson

We also were lucky to have the world’s foremost expert on queues, Professor Richard Larson, aka  “Dr. Queue”, who has spent the last 30+ years studying the psychology of waiting in line. Did you know that the birth of the psychology of queuing began in 1955 in New York City with the high rise buildings and elevators? Find out more fun facts on queuing history and tips from Dr. Larson.

Presentation from Dr. Richard C. Larson



Huge thank you to all our presenters, our summit is only successful because of your partnership! We hope to see you all in person in 2021 at our next event. 

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