Natuzzi management accesses Xovis footfall data via Visionarea's Retail Dashboard to optimize staff management and increase the performance of marketing initiatives.

Furniture provider measures passers-by

Since store layouts often change, furniture provider Natuzzi needs a robust retail analytics solution as offered by Visionarea and Xovis.

Natuzzi has turned from a small workshop in Puglia into a leading international provider of premium furniture. To maintain customer satisfaction at a very high level, Natuzzi relies on precise footfall data as part of a store management solution.

Naturally, layouts and display windows of furniture stores often change. Hence, Natuzzi needs a robust and accurate technology to count and track customer movements. Based on stereo vision, Xovis 3D Sensors deliver high-quality people counting and tracking data that is not affected by layout changes, shadows, heat emissions, and other external influences.

System integrator and Xovis partner Visionarea has taken Natuzzi’s store management to the next level, integrating data from Xovis 3D Sensors and visualizing KPIs for both indoor and outdoor areas in the Visionarea cloud solution.

Read how the new and remotely accessible solution has increased counting accuracy and improved store management. The whole story is available for you in the "Download" section below.