Way more than people counting: Xovis Gender Statistics.

Gender Statistics: way more distinction of basic target groups


Get counting data that differentiates between female and male customers.

Start counting “her” and “him,” not “it.” The most basic target group distinction is knowing whether you’re dealing with Francine or Frank. Get counting data that differentiates between female and male customers. Modern marketing strategies depend on knowing as much as possible about the customer base. Lots of data sources are being used to find out some of the basic distinguishing factors in an automatic way. One of the most basic distinction is between male and female customers.

This feature is showcased as a world's first at this year's NRF at booth 749!

Xovis Gender Statistics enriches people counting data with information about the male and female proportions within the sample. Deduce meaningful advertisement messages targeted towards the right customer group. Then, measure the impact on the numbers of visiting men and women.

Control the effects of store redesigns, product range adjustments, and staff training – all from Xovis people counting data. Easily feed the data into other systems such as customer-specific digital signage solutions or direct specially trained staff to serve women or men.

Please note: At Xovis we respect and embrace diversity. We understand and support the difference between social genders and biological sexes. For technical reasons, our algorithm in the Gender Statistics feature can only reflect easily discernible, visual hints to decide whether a person is female or male. With our detections, we do in no way want to be disrespectful about the way a person identifies being part of one or another gender. The counts are merely meant as a statistical measure over a larger quantity of human beings. Thanks for your understanding.