Improve category merchandising based on shopper behavior

13% category sales increase thanks to in-store analytics

About Amoobi

Amoobi is an in-store customer behavior specialist that helps retailers and brands optimize store and category performance, by providing unique insights from customer behavior data and retail expertise. From its offices in Belgium (Nivelles) and New York, Amoobi serves seven of the top 15 retailers in the world and many international CPG companies.


Amoobi teamed up with the retailer and category captain (a leading CPG company) to reinvent the category based on shopper behavior and sales data. Six Xovis sensors were installed and combined with Amoobi’s innovative software solution which collects unique tracks per customer and analyzes shopper behavior at inch-level precision. The tracks were aggregated and converted into a dashboard that provides actionable insights on how to improve the layout & merchandising.


Multiple insights were collected by Amoobi, which convinced the retailer to test different layout changes in the category. For instance, the data indicated that the promo zone at the entrance of the category was acting as a destination and did not drive any traffic into the aisle. Amoobi recommended adding a horizontal shelf with additional stock keeping units (SKUs) to make it a better destination and increase upsell opportunities. Additionally, the subcategory sequencing was reorganized to better match the shopper interest, including both space expansion and reduction for certain products. The retailer took actions based on these insights, yielding great results: a 13% LFL sales increase of the total category! What this store learned they shared, rolling out to other stores and leading to accumulated sales uplifts.
After this, the project was extended in the store for a similar analysis of another category area. Amoobi has been a competitive source of data for both this retailer and brand, as it helps them understand their category in an actionable way, beyond the traditional sales and loyalty data.

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