Milan Bergamo Airport (BGY) counts on Xovis to optimize passenger flow.

Milan Bergamo Airport counts on Xovis


Milan Bergamo Airport (BGY) counts on Xovis to optimize passenger flow

After a successful trial the Orio al Serio international airport, widely known as Milan Bergamo Airport, has decided to permanently deploy the Xovis Person Tracking Technology in order to measure waiting times and hence optimize the number of staff, lanes and checkpoints for the security control area. A total of 18 Xovis 3D Sensors continuously cover the entire security control area, which is typically a main bottleneck regarding passenger flow at airports. Promoted as Ryanair’s southern European hub in 2003, the Milan Bergamo Airport has experienced remarkable growth for the last 14 years. As a result of its success, the operator SACBO has to cope with a constantly rising passenger flow over 10 million travelers per year.

“The deployment of the Xovis Person Tracking Technology marks a milestone in the development of the Milan Bergamo Airport. With its unmatched accuracy and reliability, we do not only account for the constantly growing passenger flow, but also have an effective tool to constantly reduce waiting times at security control. This is crucial for passenger satisfaction, which is key for the success of every airport and affiliated businesses”, says Ettore Pizzaballa, ITC Manager at Milan Bergamo Airport.

“We look forward to continuing the collaboration with the Milan Bergamo Airport in the coming years in order to support their growth strategy. Just like Xovis, the airport has grown constantly at a high level in the past years. Therefore, we build a strong team”, Andreas Fähndrich, Managing Director Xovis Airports, proudly states.