Productshot of the AI powered PC2S.


Take your in-store analytics to the next level with the unmatched accuracy of our AI-powered PC2S.

  • Perfects accuracy in people counting and tracking, enriching consumer behavior analytics
  • Real-time in-store analytics in combination with Xovis SPIDER
  • Algorithms that simplify set-up and hence save costs considerably
  • Easy-to-install Multisensor for large area counting and tracking
  • Four privacy protection levels, meeting every privacy requirement
  • Ready for future AI-powered applications like cashier-free systems
  • Installation heights from 2.2m up to 6m
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)


Data Intelligence and KPIs

The combination of AI-based Xovis PC2S Sensors and the Xovis SPIDER takes in-store analytics to the next level. Xovis partners combine our latest sensor generation with our processing unit and integrate the data in their platform- providing Retailers with real-time KPIs.

Frequencies and footfall counting

The Xovis 3D Sensors deliver live footfall counting data with the highest accuracy on the market. As a result, retailers learn their customer frequencies throughout the day and understand the effect of promotional activities and seasonal variations. Precise footfall counting sheds light on conversion rates and other crucial KPIs.

Dwell time, fill level

Count zones allow measurement of dwell times and fill levels within different parts of the store. In addition to highlighting hot and cold spots, data related to dwell time and fill level is a useful tool in staff planning and optimization of other operational processes.

Customer Journey

Based on the real-time data gathered with the Xovis 3D people counting sensors, system integrators can track how customers navigate through a store. With the unique Xovis Multisensor technology, system integrators can track the customer journey of a visitor accurately. No need for expensive and laborious academic behavioral studies from on-site observers– it’s all there in the Xovis data.

What’s next?

Based on the combination of AI-powered Xovis 3D Sensors with the Xovis SPIDER processing unit, Xovis and its partners help brick-and-mortar stores exploit the full potential of in-store analytics data and keep pace with the online competition. With the onset of fully automated, cashier-free stores, retailers require not only accurate people counting data but also behavioral insights along the customer journey. The ability to detect details, such as taking an article from a shelf or making a buying decision will be key to bringing the cashier-free store from the trial stage to becoming a global standard. At Xovis, we work on the innovations to get there.