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Physical distancing enabled by Xovis technology


As one of many measures suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO), physical distancing plays an integral part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and stays important once quarantine and lockdowns ease. For essential businesses and public places that are still open today, but also for retail stores, restaurants, bars and other event spaces that will reopen at some point, it is now important to figure out how to ensure a safe distance between individuals and to prevent overcrowding in their premises.

Complying with respective regulations end providing a safe environment to concerned customers is the key to keeping stores open or to reopen as soon as possible. Xovis 3D (stereovision) sensors accurately measure people flow and thus offer the necessary data to develop analytic solutions to accurately manage the fill level and monitor distance between individuals (e.g. in queues).

Xovis technology enables businesses to comply with capacity regulations and provide a safe environment for customers with no additional entrance staff and without risking further spread of the virus through exposed staff or physical tickets. A simple screen at the entrance is enough to communicate fill levels to customers.

We at Xovis always strive to deliver high quality Swiss-made products and services to solve people flow for our customers. We want to help local and global businesses alike to reopen as soon as possible by managing people flow smooth and efficiently.


Why limiting the number of people in public places and stores is essential to contain the virus


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus spreads through close contact between people:


Icon Virus Spreading

Via droplets: Sneezing or coughing

Via the hands: Contagious droplets get onto the hands

Via surfaces: Surfaces where virus droplets are present


Icon Distance Between People

Keeping distance helps to prevent the spread significantly

People can only adhere to these rules if overcrowding in stores and public places is managed through limiting the number of people


How people counting technology can help manage store fill levels and physical distance to keep staff and customers safe


Icon Sensor over Door

The sensors are placed over the entrance to count people inflow and outflow.

Similar to the workings of the human eye, ceiling mounted Xovis 3D Sensors capture the scene below using stereo vision.


Icon Fill Level Display at Door

With the data processed on the sensor itself, anonymous real-time data is available for immediate action. 

By determining the maximum capacity and by counting the number of people entering and leaving, the fill level can be managed live.


Icon Queue Distance

Multiple sensors can be connected over crowded areas such as check-outs to even measure the actual distance between people.

A data push or alert can be sent to remind staff and visitors of the physical distancing rules if distance is too low.


Icon Crossed out Bouncer

There is no need for additional staff at doors and entries.

This way, additional personnel is not required and staff as well as visitors are less exposed to the virus.


Icon Ticket

There is no need for any physical card or ticket systems.

This way, visitors are not exposed to potentially contagious objects which every other customer touches.


Why Xovis technology


Icon Accuracy

Xovis provides the most accurate 3D people counting sensors in the market.

The accuracy and reliability of the sensor is critical to fulfill the purpose and manage fill levels precisely.



All data is processed directly on the sensor.

No video or image leaves the sensor and no personal data is processed which is why Xovis technology is GDPR compliant.


Icon 100,000 Sensors

Xovis technology is proven. >100,000 sensors are installed globally across retail, airports, public transportation and public buildings.

Top tier retailers already rely on Xovis sensors to manage this exact situation.


Icon Plug and Play

The sensors can be quickly installed on any ceiling height between 2.20m and 20m and are powered by a single ethernet cable.

The API and data stream ensure an easy integration into third party systems and dashboards.


Icon AI Sensor

Xovis technology is future proof – once installed, the high performance sensor is constantly upgraded with innovative features.

AI features such as group counting, gender statistics, view direction, queue detection and staff exclusion help retailers to better understand customer behavior.


How Xovis can support you


Icon Network

We have an established integrator network all around the world

Our integrators use Xovis sensors to embed people counting data into their systems and dashboards.

Our partners deeply understand the requirements of your business and will implement a solution tailored to your needs.


Icon Swiss Made

We are headquartered in Switzerland and have subsidiaries in the USA and China.

Our sensors are made in Switzerland and we ship globally.

We manage our supply chain diligently to fulfill our customers’ needs especially in these challenging times.



Whether you are a transport or public authority, a global retailer, local shop owner, restaurant operator or a small business owner – with our global presence and world wide network of partners we can help you realize your solution in a short time.


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