With installation heights of up to 20m, Xovis 3D people counting and tracking sensor deliver precise data from large entrances that can be used for comprehensive analytics.

Real-time data for center management

ECE center management trusts in IMAS to benefit from the large coverage and installation flexibility enabled by Xovis.

More than 50 million people visit ECE’s shopping centers every day. Unsurprisingly, the management is keen on comprehensive footfall-related reports in order to evaluate and enhance performance.

IMAS deploys Xovis people counting and tracking sensors to cover over 7.2 million square meter of sales area and integrates the data in its Xperio platform. The software of the experienced Xovis partner not only depicts various KPIs such as the exact amount of people in a certain area but also enables analytics and data management reports for the specific needs of the management.

About IMAS
Founded in 1986, we have more than thirty years of experience in people counting and data management. Therefore, numerous customers, who compared several systems throughout the years, already trust and rely on our expertise.
Following our experience, extensive Inhouse-Analytics can be done by plenty of KPIs and Analysis provided by our web-based data management platform XPERIO.
The measured data is processed and displayed in XPERIO. Results are provided by determination of pathways, dwell time, customer flow, real-time data, and optical visualization through Heat- & Path maps.
Already available hardware can be easily integrated into XPERIO so that historical data can also be implemented.

Following customer requests, adults and children can be counted separately same as bikes, motorbikes, and persons in the public sector. Occupancy in parking lots or dressing rooms is also managed and displayed through IMAS technology solutions. Already operating for decades in shopping malls, at retailers, and in the public sector, we will create tailored solutions for every single customer. To ensure a reliable solution for every individual challenge, we also use a mix of technologies.

Xovis 3D Sensors can be installed up to 20 m high, which simplifies and economizes the coverage of large areas considerably. Get the whole story on how Xovis is a crucial source of information for the decision-making process of center management. You find the whole story in the "Download" section below.