Way more than people counting - Xovis firmware version 4.2 is available now.

Release 4.2 out now


Way more than people counting - Xovis firmware version 4.2 is available now

With AI firmware V4.2 your AI-powered Xovis PC2S and PC2R sensors get a lot more valuable. Xovis introduces three new ways of AI-based people counting at once – all in one device.

Gender Statistics plugin - Distinguish essential target groups

Correct identification of the target audience affects the planning, creation, and implementation of all marketing activities. With Gender Statistics, you recognize whether a person is female or male and thus identify these basic target groups.

Staff Exclusion plugin - Way more truth in your customer counts

One of the most basic information is the number of customers/visitors. But numbers are easily distorted when staff is also counted. You can now detect employees and exclude them from your counts.

Group Counting function - Way more reality in your conversion rates

People in groups (buying units) show a different shopping behavior as they shop together (buying units). Understand the relation between the number of buying units and actual sales figures with the help of Group Counting.


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