Logo of the XOVISPHERE. The In Store Analytics Hub by Xovis

Round three for the in-store analytics hub by Xovis


Xovis proudly announces the XOVISPHERE for the RetailEXPO in London where Xovis promises “way more than people counting.”

The in-store analytics hub XOVISPHERE presents three new AI-powered features live at booth 5C88. Be ready for numbers that will propel the insight in your counting data way forward.

Staff Exclusion; way more truth to your customers

Count customers, not staff: Increase the truth in customer counting data and exclude busy employees on the sales floor from popping up in your Xovis people counting solution.

Group Counting; way more reality in your conversion rates

When calculating conversion rates, the correct number of customers gets misrepresented because of people buying in groups. Group Counting attributes transactions to the number of buying units only.

Gender Statistics: way more distinction of basic target groups

Get counting data that differentiates between female and male customers. Start counting “her” and “him,” not “it.” The most basic target group distinction is knowing whether you’re dealing with Francine or Frank.

Plan your meeting at booth 5C88

After a successful show in Germany, the XOVISPHERE finally comes to the UK. The in-store analytics hub powered by Xovis aims to show the complete solutions: our partners’ end-customer-oriented, high-quality services combined with the unique Xovis 3D technology take AI-powered in-store analytics to the next level. Stay tuned for the announcement of our valuable XOVISPHERE partners.

Xovis proudly announces its partner Prodco AnalyticsVemco Group A/S, ASH Projects and Pygmalios

About Prodco
Prodco Analytics delivers a comprehensive analysis platform that highlights where opportunities for improvement exist and helps your stores reach their real performance potential. Our retail performance solution delivers a deeper understanding of shopper behavior with real-time analytics for all levels of the operations. Established in 1995, Prodco continues to be a global leader in retail shopper behavior analytics. We partner with leading retail organizations to help measure in-store opportunities, align sales staff to optimize service levels, and benchmark their performance against segment specific consumer traffic trends. Headquartered in Montreal, with offices in Canada, USA, UK, and 42 local certified solution partners.

About Vemco Group
Vemco Group A/S is a software company that delivers innovative and customized solutions within people counting and retail analytics. With more than 13 years of experience, 1000+ clients worldwide and 25+ million counts every day, Vemco Group A/S is one of the leading companies in northern Europe. They partner up with retailers, entertainment venues, airports and public institutions to help them understand deep behavioral insights about their customers. By analyzing data in their Vemcount platform, they provide their clients with a data foundation that can lead to cost savings, greater efficiency and improvement of conversion rate and profitability.

About ASH Projects
ASH Projects, your friendly expert behind some of the largest people tracking deployments in the world. Our Device Placement Design (DPD™) ensures maximum coverage of your environment using minimal devices. This is a proven, globally scalable solution which can reduce costs by up to 50%. Digitize journeys from Origin to Destination with our Advanced Route Mapping™ in any built environment. Analyze your data with dynamic, multi-dimensional dashboards on our TruTraffic™ Platform. Measure real-time occupancy and understand shopper behavior. See our Smart Building Solution using Xovis AI Sensors. Integrate with Building Management Systems to reduce energy costs. GDPR compliant, Anonymous People Tracking.

About Pygmalios
Pygmalios is awarded & trusted in-store analytics solution with many proven business cases. Thanks to multiple sensors and AI algorithms, they evaluate and analyze complex physical Customer journey or Customers’ behavior in physical stores. With a cloud-based application, Pygmalios provides not only the trajectories, zones visits and dwell time but also street passers-by, visitors profiling, demographics, zones performance in combination with buying data and actionable business insights. From high-level perspective Pygmalios helps to optimize store operations, sales funnel efficiency, staff planning, service quality and more for the most prominent retail brands in Grocery, Telco, Retail Banking, and Fashion industry.