Vemco measures and analyzes social distancing and occupancy


Vemco Group is a Nordic specialist within people counting and retail analytics. They provide real-time occupancy and capacity data to grocery stores and retailers. In cooperation with The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, an internationally recognized robots and software engineering research center Vemco has created algorithms that aim to solve the current Covid-19 challenge.

Vemco Group uses Xovis 3D optic sensors to register how customers move within the store, analyze queue behavior, and measure dwell time. Building on these KPIs and offering another layer to the solution is key. With the use of the latest Xovis AI technology, the Vemco team now measures and analyzes social distancing inside grocery stores as well. The data batches are sent instantly to the Vemcount analytics platform and provide indications to staff and customers alike. For example, it enables real-time alerts to be displayed on in-store TV screens or embedded on webpages and apps.

Download the solution sheet below and learn more about the social distancing and occupancy solution of Vemco.