XOVISPHERE in-store analytics hub by Xovis.

Way more than people counting at XOVISPHERE


The Xovis in-store analytics hub makes its debut at NRF.

Showcased at last years’ NRF, AI-powered Xovis sensors now set exceedingly high industry standards. The new generation of Xovis sensors takes in-store analytics to the next level and empowers retailers to do “way more than people counting.” At the NRF Retail’s Big Show 2019 Xovis proudly presents how the AI revolution will propel the insight in your counting data way forward.

Staff Exclusion; way more truth to your customers

Count customers, not staff: Increase the truth in customer counting data and exclude busy employees on the sales floor from popping up in your Xovis people counting solution.

In many retail industry settings, the staff makes for a good portion of the people traffic on the sales floor. Be it for consulting shoppers in a fashion boutique, for filling up quickly clearing shelves during special sales promotions or in high-end luxury shops with individual customer service – distinguishing customers from the staff is key for sensible store analytics.

When counting customers using an AI-enabled Xovis PC2R or PC2S sensor, you are about to get the tools to differentiate between customers and staff. Use the new Staff Exclusion function to report customer counts that are not biased by counting staff members. Further interpret the data to find weak spots on your sales floor, where customers are alone and direct staff there. At the same time, the privacy of staff members is protected since there is no identification process. All that is needed is a convenient, small and generic name tag or pin.

Group Counting; way more reality in your conversion rates

When calculating conversion rates, the correct number of customers gets misrepresented because of people buying in groups. Group Counting attributes transactions to the number of buying units only.

A lot of mall owners, renting companies and big retailers measure the performance of their tenants and divisions using conversion rates and similar KPIs. The amount of sales actions or return gets divided by the number of customers. While sales numbers are easily derived from accounting, the correct number of customers gets diluted because of customers buying in groups.

Group Counting is the answer to this problem. Instead of counting people individually, AI-enabled Xovis PC2R and PC2S sensors now allow additionally counting groups such as families, couples, tourist groups, and many other combinations. Report more true-to-reality KPIs by counting the correct number of buying units using Xovis Group Counting.

Gender Statistics: way more distinction of basic target groups

Get counting data that differentiates between female and male customers

Start counting “her” and “him,” not “it.” The most basic target group distinction is knowing whether you’re dealing with Francine or Frank. Get counting data differentiates between female and male customers. Modern marketing strategies depend on knowing as much as possible about the customer base. Lots of data sources are being used to find out some of the basic distinguishing factors in an automatic way. One of the most basic distinction is between male and female customers.

Xovis Gender Statistics enriches people counting data with information about the male and female proportions within the sample. Deduce meaningful advertisement messages targeted towards the right customer group. Then, measure the impact on the numbers of visiting men and women.

Control the effects of store redesigns, product range adjustments, and staff training – all from Xovis people counting data. Easily feed the data into other systems such as customer-specific digital signage solutions or direct specially trained staff to serve women or men.

Please note: At Xovis we respect and embrace diversity. We understand and support the difference between social genders and biological sexes. For technical reasons, our algorithm in the Gender Statistics feature can only reflect easily discernible, visual hints to decide whether a person is female or male. With our detections, we do in no way want to be disrespectful about the way a person identifies being part of one or another gender. The counts are merely meant as a statistical measure over a larger quantity of human beings. Thanks for your understanding.

The ”who is who” at booth 749

At the NRF 2019, the XOVISPHERE celebrates its debut. The in-store analytics hub powered by Xovis aims to show the complete solutions: our partners’ end-customer-oriented, high-quality services combined with the unique Xovis 3D technology take AI-powered in-store analytics to the next level.

Xovis is honored to welcome SenSource, Vemcount, Amoobi, and VIAVIS at the XOVISPHERE.

About SenSource
SenSource demonstrates an innovative Customer Journey Analysis at the XOVISPHERE. Its people counting technology and analytics platform provides the data foundation necessary for analyzing the health of retail stores and basing operational decisions. SenSource exclusive software features include customer journey analysis, predictive traffic analytics, and prescriptive labor metrics. Retailers of all sizes have trusted SenSource people counting solutions since 2002. 

About Vemco Group A/S
Vemco Group A/S is an innovative software company with more than 12 years of global retail experience within people counting. We partner up with retailers, entertainment venues, airports and public institutions to help them understand deep behavioral insights about their customers. By analyzing data in our Vemcount platform we provide our clients with knowledge that can lead to cost savings, greater efficiency and improvement of conversion rate and profitability.

About Amoobi
Amoobi is a shopper analytics company specializing in retail. We have developed a unique technology, that allows us to track the full unique path of shoppers across a store, with centimeter-level precision and high sample rates. In turn, we identify opportunities for sales uplifts (up to +13% like for like delivered so far) and multimillion-dollar cost-saving opportunities for our retail partners.

About Via-Vis
Since 2008, Via-Vis provides traffic analytics for retail chains and real estate companies. The counttrack360 Cloud Software captures accurate, reliable and continuous traffic data from the Xovis sensors and makes it available to the customer in almost real-time. With thousands of installations in Europe, Balkans and the Middle East, Via-Vis provides support remotely and locally to its customers.  Existing sensors can be integrated into the counttrack360 easily.

Besides the partners at the XOVISPHERE you can meet these Xovis partners directly at their booth during the NRF: