Xovis stands for Swiss-made quality all over the world.

What we stand for

A team of passionate Xovisionaries develops, manufactures and distributes the high-quality Swiss-made Xovis products and services.

“From the small business that Christian, Markus and I started in 2008, an international company with a team of more than 100 experienced people has emerged. We are proud of our diverse, multinational and multilingual staff.

We call our employees ‘Xovisionaries’, as they all live the ‘Xovision’ and create our product portfolio from A to Z. All of them are experts in what they do. They manage the lifecycle of our products and services, from the first idea to manufacture, testing and distribution. Our team is the foundation of our success and the basis of the trust that our customers have in Xovis.

We want Xovis to be an enjoyable place to work. We constantly strive to create a company culture that integrates professionalism with dedication, pleasure, curiosity and productivity. We are convinced that people unfold their full potential only in an open and respectful environment that leaves space to make a meaningful contribution to the company’s future. At Xovis, we communicate in a transparent and straightforward way. Our history proves that Xovisionaries thrive in flat hierarchies with efficient processes.

We attach high value to both innovation and quality management. Although our Research, Development and Production departments will remain at our Swiss headquarters, the opening in 2017 of our US office in Boston marked a milestone in our international expansion. Our customers around the globe can count on a close, swift and personal service from our highly skilled Xovisionaries.
We are always looking for curious and motivated people eager to pioneer unprecedented solutions for people counting, people flow measurement and in-store analytics.” - David Studer, Co-founder and board member

David Studer, Co-founder and board member of Xovis

David Studer, Co-founder and board member

Christian Studer CPO and Co-founder of Xovis.

Christian Studer, CPO and Co-founder

Portrait Markus Herrli CTO and Co-founder of Xovis.

Markus Herrli, CTO and Co-founder