View Direction

Xovis grants a glimpse into the near future at NRF 2020!


We strive to establish long-term partnerships and support our system integrators by giving them what they really need. That’s why we continuously increase the value and meaningfulness of the data supplied by our technology. More innovations can be expected from us in 2020. At the NRF Retail’s Big Show, which takes place in New York on January 12-14, 2020, we will give visitors a glimpse into the near future of our Xovis technology.

In-store analytics: part of the retail ecosystem

It is well known that online stores measure user behavior with various tools and use the findings to their advantage. But brick-and-mortar stores can also benefit from such measurement data. The practice is known as in-store analytics. This broad and complex discipline has been around for some time now, and is one of the most frequently discussed topics at the NRF in New York.

In-store analytics go beyond traditional, often analog market research methods. The primary aim is to measure customer behavior in retail spaces with the newest technology, and to bring the collected data into context; for example, this may take the form of analyzing footfall in combination with dwell time, queue length or waiting times. The results help businesses to understand how customers act in their physical stores, which in turn allows them to make improvements in the areas of shopfitting and staff planning and training, and to optimize their marketing measures.

Xovis as a strong technology partner

Meaningful and reliable measurement data is a basic requirement of in-store analytics solutions. Our Xovis technology offers just that. It provides a set of precise data for the development of applications that enable data-based analysis of customer behavior. And data privacy aspects are taken into account.

Xovis is not just a supplier but also a technology partner for system integrators that develop in-store analytics applications. With our Xovis 3D sensors and the Xovis SPIDER, businesses can count people and detect their coordinates, and map the flow of individuals and crowds across large areas. Xovis AI also enables enrichment of the measurement data with additional parameters, such as Staff Exclusion, Gender Statistics and Group Counting, to make the analysis even more meaningful.

We want to stir your curiosity with “View Direction”

To know what a person’s attention is focused on, is one of the many pieces of information that helps to understand customer behavior. With the AI-based Xovis 3D sensors, in future it will be possible to enrich the data stream with information on the “View Direction” of an individual person. So, in addition to the precise coordinates, this data will also be provided. For example, it will be possible to determine whether someone has their back turned to a billboard or if it lies in their line of sight. And this is just one of the many conceivable areas of application for “View Direction”.

The market launch of Xovis “View Direction” is planned for 2020. It will be demonstrated live for the first time at booth 453 at NRF 2020 from January 12 - 14 (find the online floorplan here).