Christian Studer, Markus Herrli and David Studer ten years ago.

Xovis turns 10 - read the full story


It all started in 2008 with a family get together in the Swiss countryside...

... when electrical engineer David Studer and his brother video analytics expert Christian Studer sparked a discussion that will change their lives.

How it all began

What if they could come up with a solution for a highly efficient and accurate way to measure waiting time and count people in public areas?

To find out the Studer brothers teamed up with David's colleague Markus Herrli. Without further ado, they decided to follow their vision with "the vision," marking the early days of Xovis.

The three founders officially started Xovis in 2008. They quickly realized that conventional video analytics would not provide the solution they were seeking for their customers.  With the idea of direct image processing in mind, they developed the first optical Xovis sensor. Inspired by the compelling concept, brilliant hardware and software developers joined the young company at its small office and manufacturing space in the Swiss capital, Bern.

Rather a "real" job?

It was an intense time, full of experiment, discovery, and learning. When Christian Studer looks back, he smiles. "Many of the people around us did not believe in us succeeding. There is one conversation I particularly remember when an aunt asked me if I'd not rather have a real job."

Since its first official signature by the end of November 2008, Xovis has come a long way. The Xovis Passenger Tracking Solution, the combination of Xovis 3D Sensors and the software solution for airports, not only prevailed in numerous tenders but also drew much interest far beyond the airport industry.  Among many commendations, Xovis won the W.A. De Vigier Award 2012 for the original character of the product, its social dimension, technical and financial feasibility, and commercial potential. The renowned Swiss business newspaper Handelszeitung even ranks Xovis second among Switzerland’s 55 growth champions. With a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 202% between 2012 and 2015 Xovis is only surpassed by the software company Sherpany with a CAGR of 204%.

 “We are deeply honored and proud to be recognized along with such successful and innovative companies. In 2012, we were a team of six employees that believed strongly in the value our products create to our customers. Our endurance and strategic focus have paid off. We are looking forward to maintaining long-lasting relationships with both our customers and our 80 employees” David Studer states.

The Swiss option to the American Dream

Despite its enormous success, Xovis has not lost its down-to-earth spirit of innovation; to this day, all sensors, including firm- and software, are manufactured and developed by Xovis at its headquarters in Bern.

Xovis incorporates Swiss-made quality with success: Today, the Xovis 3D people counting sensor and software solutions are revolutionizing people counting, people flow measurement and in-store analytics all over the globe. The flourishing company counts over 80 employees in Switzerland and the US office in Boston.

Ten years after that life-changing Studer family reunion, the three founders, David Studer, Christian Studer, and Markus Herrli are all still on board; demonstrating that there is a Swiss option to the American Dream.