Xovis with partners at NRF 2020 in New York


The NRF Retail’s Big Show, which takes place in New York on January 12-14, 2020, aims to “Bring the future into focus”. We have always had an eye on the future when developing our products. So, in addition to offering the best person counting technology on the market, we also provide underlying data for meaningful in-store analytics. At the NRF 2020, we will show what is possible with Xovis today and where our journey will take us.


The Xovis product range has been shaped by innovation from the very beginning, and this will continue to be the case in the future. At the NRF 2020, stand 453 (find online floorplan here), we will present the many ways in which our technology can be used as a basis for developments in people counting, people flow measurement and in-store analytics, plus we will provide exciting insights into what the future has in store.

To assist us, our valued partners ASH Projects, Focus Technolgies and SenSource will present their own solutions based on Xovis technology. Visitors to the NRF can look forward to a packed program at the Xovis In-Store Analytics Hub at booth 453.


About ASH Projects

ASH Projects, your friendly experts behind some of the largest people tracking deployments in the world. Our Device Placement Design ensures maximum coverage of your environment using minimal devices. This is a proven, globally scalable solution which can reduce costs by up to 50%. 

Digitize shopper journeys from Origin to Destination with our Advanced Route Mapping in any built environment. Analyze your data with dynamic, multi-dimensional dashboards on our TruTraffic Platform. Measure real-time occupancy and receive automated alerts. Allowing you to optimize conversion rates, improve customer experience & maximize customer lifetime value. GDPR compliant, Anonymous People Tracking on flexible terms.



About Focus Technologies

FOCUS automatically collects sales and footfall data and applies Wi-Fi analytics technology to provide recommendations to shopping malls & retail chains on increasing revenues. FOCUS is a technological spin-off of Watcom, a top-3 player in the global footfall analysis market. More than 150 companies including the biggest global (Ingka Centres, Levi’s, Ceetrus, Tom Tailor, Hines) and Russian (TPS, Fort group, BlackStar) players confirmed the 19% revenue increase within a year after FOCUS implementation. FOCUS already has a total area of ~4 million square meters in terms of GLA under management with more than 50 million customers being analyzed daily.



About SenSource

SenSource will demonstrate how reliable retail analytics start with an incredibly accurate people counting system. Our people counting technology and analytics platform provide the data foundation necessary for analyzing the health of retail stores and basing operational decisions. SenSource exclusive software features include gender statistics, predictive traffic analytics, and prescriptive labor metrics. Retailers of all sizes have trusted SenSource people counting solutions since 2002.