Boost Sales With Large Area Tracking

Front-end efficiencies that reduce costs and boost sales? With Xovis' people counting and Amoobi’s in-store analytics solutions, retailers gain valuable insights into shopper behavior through large area tracking.  

With its easy configuration, the Xovis Multisensor links together up to nine Xovis 3D Sensors and depicts the covered area in one continuous image. This unique capability facilitates precise people counting at wide entry and exit doors, where a single sensor cannot cover the whole area. As the connected sensors seamlessly hand over the data to each other, system integrators and retailers can track customers through large areas.

The Xovis Multisensor offers the same insights as a single Xovis people counting sensor in terms of KPIs related to people counting and dwell time measurement – but for a larger area. System integrators and retailers get a clear picture of how customers access and leave the tracking area, in which parts they spend the most time and when peak hours occur.

Every Xovis 3D Sensor can act as “master sensor” and connect to eight ‘slave’ sensors; no additional hardware or software components are needed. The Xovis Multisensor is able to combine different sensor models and installation heights. For continuous counting and tracking applications that are very complex or require more than nine sensors, the Xovis SPIDER is able to link up a very large number of sensors. In combination with AI-powered Xovis 3D Sensors, the new processing unit features full area tracking and takes in-store analytics to a new level.

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